What to Pack for Iceland by Activity

The flight  If you're cheap like me and take WOW air into Iceland, be prepared. There is literally nothing included with this flight. And I'm not talking about oh, they only have "Keeping up with the Kardashians" as their in flight entertainment. I'm talking, they literally don't even have screens for any free inflight entertainment,... Continue Reading →

What I Heard About Iceland

This past week, my husband and I spent a handful of days in Iceland. Although many of my friends have been to Iceland before and have shared their photos of emo fluffy Icelandic ponies, their recommendations, and stories, Iceland is one of those places that you have to experience for yourself to truly grasp the... Continue Reading →

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Since it's around Halloween time, I'm including a post from my blog that I kept while I was in Japan about my run in with a creepy crawler. I originally wrote this post in September of 2012 shortly after "the incident." Before I even came to Japan, I heard legends of this creature. We were... Continue Reading →

A Perfect Day in DUMBO

Last weekend, my husband and I visited New York for our friend's wedding. Our hotel was in Brooklyn and within easy walking distance to the DUMBO area. For people like me who didn't know what the heck DUMBO stood for, it's not referring to the sad cartoon elephant. DUMBO, Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass,... Continue Reading →

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