What to Pack for Iceland by Activity

What to pack for.png

The flight 

If you’re cheap like me and take WOW air into Iceland, be prepared. There is literally nothing included with this flight. And I’m not talking about oh, they only have “Keeping up with the Kardashians” as their in flight entertainment. I’m talking, they literally don’t even have screens for any free inflight entertainment, no wifi, nothing. If you want anything besides a seat on a vessel that is rocketing through the air or a WOW airlines purple barf bag, be prepared to pay. Even for water!
That being said, pack food, water, download some movies, shows, or music onto your chosen device. 
The upside of WOW air, the seats have a ton of leg room. I don’t know if it’s because they were building for Icelandic people, but it’s awesome.
FullSizeRender (59).jpg

Basking in the Blue Lagoon 

  • A travel towel if you want to save $7 on renting a towel.
  • A swimsuit (seems like a no brainer but you don’t often think of bringing a swim suit to a country with ice in the name).
  • A waterproof case and/or dry bag that allows you to take photos. Trust me, you’ll want to snap some pics with your face covered in a mask or basking in the blue water.
  • Sunglasses, the sun reflects off the water and is quite bright.
  • A gallon ziplock bag for your wet swimsuit once you’re done.

Chasing Waterfalls

  • Waterproof coat, pants, hiking boots, and phone case. If you plan on getting near, behind or above any waterfalls like Skogafoss or Seljalandfoss (especially if you’re planning on walking behind this one), you will not regret having waterproof everything, trust me.


Road Trippin’

  • GPS. Consider buying an international plan for Iceland so that you can use Google Maps or if you bring your own GPS, make sure you have Iceland maps loaded on it. Bring either a car charger or a USB hookup (some cars come with them) to charge your phone as you go. Taking photos, GPS, and the cold sap your battery in no time.
  • Bring an external battery. You don’t want to be stuck with no phone in the middle of no where.
  • Download a couple apps on your phone: 112 Iceland, in case you have road trouble and need to let emergency authorities know where you are.  For road conditions, check out Vergagerdin.
  • Go to Bonus and stock up on bananas, power bars, and other snacks and water for munching along the way.
  • Download music from Spotify ahead of time when you have a reliable internet source. There are many patchy spots for both radio and reception and it’s no fun listening to static.

Northern Lights Tour

  • Wear all of your warm clothes. All of them. You will be outside in the cold for hours. Seriously bring them all.
  • DSLR and lightweight travel tripod.
  • Download the Northern Lights Apps if trying to catch them on your phone.


  • Bring an adapter. Iceland uses two pin plugs.
  • Bring heat tech or other thermal layers
  • I went in mid-October, and my staples were thermals layered under leggings, smart wool socks, waterproof Northface hiking boots, a ultralight down jacket from Uniqlo, and beanie.
  • For colder days, I wore a Northface Tri-climate on top. I also sometimes would take the fleece out of jacket and wear it by itself like for the plane ride. Plus a small scarf I brought from home.

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