Get the Scoop on the Museum of Ice Cream, SF

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By a stroke of luck, my sister landed us tickets to the Museum of Ice Cream last weekend. Scroll for a look inside the museum as well as the inside scoop on how to make the most of an upcoming visit.

What is MOIC?

You’ve most likely seen photos on your feed of sprinkle pools, a canopy of pink and yellow bananas, or Boomerangs of people on colorful swings–that’s most likely MOIC. MOIC, much like the Color Factory is a pop-up installation of interactive exhibits, designed to be Instagram magic. The museum started in LA and finally opened up a location in San Francisco about two weeks ago. While I think the term “museum” is used a little loosely here, it certainly is still a really fun experience. Each room has a game, activity, interacting exhibit or sweet treat.

The Scoop

The flow

Unlike the Color Factory, where you can pretty much make your way through the museum going forward or circling your way back to a room you really liked, with MOIC, you have to keep moving forward. The rooms are on the small end and some activities tend to bottle neck because there are people waiting in line to swing on the swings or play a game of ring toss.


Come Hungry

You get at least five different sweet treats from cherry cotton candy to a scoop of seasonal ice cream from different SF creameries made exclusively for MOIC, so come ready to eat.

Get Ready

Some parts of the museum are timed, like the beloved sprinkle pool. You’re brought in in small groups of 8-10 people and have about three minutes to splash around and snap some pictures. The time went by really really quickly, especially because you build up a lot of anticipation waiting in line.

Do All the Interactive Activities

My favorite were actually the video photo booths they had in a few of the rooms. Little pink machines can take 5 second videos of you that you can send to your email to laugh at later. Play with the magnetic letters, climb the rock wall, and get on the unicorn.


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