Decorating for the Holidays on a Budget

decorating for the holidays

Instead of buying large, expensive pieces to decorate your home for Christmas, consider repurposing decorations you already have. Here are my tips for creating that festive vibe while minding your budget.


Modern “Snowglobes”

It’s not a snowglobe in the traditional sense, but it still invokes the feeling of a mini holiday scape. All you need is a glass container, or mason jar, fill it with sugar, and throw some mini trees in there. I got my mini-flocked trees in the Target Dollar Spot. Adding little houses or deer is a great touch! I would have done that but I couldn’t find any…



I made this simple decoration using chalkboards, gold stands, and a chalkboard marker that I picked up at Walmart all for around $2 a piece. What’s great is, you can use all these items again for any other celebration.


Candle holder

I had some leftover peppermint candies after making a gingerbread house, so I used them to fill this $6 candle holder from Home Goods.


Fireplace with rocks and candles

If you’re like us and don’t have firewood for the fireplace, consider filing it with candles instead. We got assorted candle packs at IKEA and white rocks from Target. It gives the house a cozy feel.


Holiday Terrarium

I switched out the moss and river rocks in my terrarium with white rocks and an ornament. You could also try a red candle, peppermint candies, gift wrapping bows, or mini ornaments. Throw something festive in your terrarium and you’ve got a nice centerpiece.


Festive Flowers

I filled an ikea farmhouse vase I had with some red berries from Trader Joes. There are so many options for festive flowers or greenery around this time of year and they really do a lot to fill the space and give your place a cozy, holiday feel.

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