A Perfect Day in DUMBO

Last weekend, my husband and I visited New York for our friend's wedding. Our hotel was in Brooklyn and within easy walking distance to the DUMBO area. For people like me who didn't know what the heck DUMBO stood for, it's not referring to the sad cartoon elephant. DUMBO, Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass,... Continue Reading →

A Weekend in Philly

The first time I went to Philadelphia, I didn't have such a great impression. Maybe it was the 90% humidity or the way the roaches emerged at night and scuttled across the sidewalk. However, last weekend, we were in Philly again for a friend's wedding and despite a little rain, we had a really fun... Continue Reading →

A Year of Travel

Sometimes, I feel like my interests are diametrically opposed. I love to travel and explore new places. But I also love home. Although I love to adventure, I don’t like to be gone for too long because it makes me feel untethered and unsettled. I lived abroad for a summer in College, where I was... Continue Reading →


I never understood people who stressed about squeezing in workouts while on vacation. I don't know if it's a good or bad thing, but you can tell I'm on vacation when my step count starts to go off the charts. I can't seem to stop myself from accidentally walking 5k's every day I'm in a... Continue Reading →

Things I do for self-care

While I'm a fan of YOLO, treat yo'self days, self-care doesn't have to cost a lot. Here are some of my favorite, economically sustainable self-care stuff: Korean Sheet Masks: Great for your skin and for scaring your neighbors. Journaling: Get it all out there without judgement. Sometimes processing things through writing can help me see... Continue Reading →

Things that stress me out about travel

Contrary to what Instagram pictures of thatched roof bungalows perched over shimmering turquoise water would have us believe, travel, of course, is rarely always perfect. Here's a few things that stress me out about travel: Prevalence of Bathrooms: Is there a bathroom? Is it clean? Is there going to be a bathroom at the next... Continue Reading →

Things I love about Monterey

When I was young, my family used to take trips down to Monterey. I remember walking along Cannery Row, coveting dolphin stuffed animals in the aquarium gift shop, and buying a novelty "I heart Monterey" sweatshirt because I was not prepared for the cold. It's been years since I visited, but I've always had warm... Continue Reading →

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