One Day in Stockholm


What to Do


Visit the Royal Palace. The Royal Palace has a comprehensive free audio guide that is wifi-enabled. So you simply scan your audioguide device to the corresponding sign to learn more about a painting, important historical artifact, or type of decor.


Walk around Gamla Stan old square. Maybe stop for a hot chocolate at Kaffekoppen if you’re feeling hungry. Take time to explore all the little backalleys and cute stores here.


Partake in a fika, or a “coffee break,” in my case a tea break. Try a¬†Kanelbulle, a cinnamon-y bun topped with sugar.


Even if you’re not that into maritime history, the Vasa Museum is definitely worth a trip. The museum is built around the hulking 17th Century boat that sank on its maiden voyage. It’s scale is quite stunning and you get to learn a lot about the excavation of the ship as well as what life was like onboard the ship.


My other favorite activity in Stockholm was visiting the subway stations, each with stunning artwork. Some we stumbled upon through transfers and riding the subway as usual, others that were more out of the way, we took a ride to visit. My favorites were T-Centralen, pictured above. and Hotorget, pictured below.


Other stations that I didn’t get a chance to see on this trip but that are earmarked for if I ever get the chance to come back are: Stadion (rainbow mural), Morby Centrum (geometric rainbow), and Solna Centrum (fiery red mural with trees). This website gives you great background info on the art, shows previews of what the stations look like, and lists all the names.

Where to stay


We stayed at the Miss Clara by Nobis and enjoyed our stay. The service was impeccable. We were greeted warmly and taken care of even when we arrived way past normal check in time, getting off of a late flight. My favorite part about the hotel is the swoon-worthy design elements, including their cozy, sun-filled cafe downstairs, to their minimalist, classic rooms. Try to get a room with their classic large windows.


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