Is Flytographer Worth It?

PC: Olga in Paris for Flytographer

What is Flytographer?

So what is Flytographer exactly? It’s a  web-based service that allows you to book short photoshoots in cities around the world. People typically use Flytographer for engagement, honeymoon, family, or “just for fun” photoshoots. You can search by destination, browse the list of photographers (and their portfolios to get an idea of their style), and select how long of a shoot you want (30 min minimum, some shoots require more time like proposals or large group shoots). Then you’re connected with a Flytographer concierge who arranges all the details. Your photographer will arrange a time to meet on your desired day, and off you go!

A Bit About my Experience

I did Flytographer in Koh Samui, Thailand for my honeymoon and in Paris just for fun. It was super easy to book the Flytographer. They have you fill out an initial questionnaire that asks you how directive you want your photographer to be, allows you to upload any example photos, and asks how comfortable you are in front of the camera. My husband and I are both pretty awkward in front of a camera, so it was nice to be able to communicate this to our photographer up front so that they could give us more guidance on the day of. 

In Thailand, our photographer met us at around sunrise right at our hotel, Hansar Samui. Most photographers are locals, some expats. We had a great time getting to know our photographer Immanuel. He was super laid back and easy to talk to. Because our shoot was just after sunrise, the whole island felt like it hadn’t woken up yet, with fishing boats still tethered, shops shuttered, and of course, no people! (which made for great photos). I love the natural documentary style of the photos. We just talked and went on a walk, occasionally pausing for a shot. As per initial intake form request, there was a mix of posed and candid. Although the Flytographer site only guarantees 15 photos from the 30 minute shoot, we ended up getting many more in an easy to navigate online platform. 

In Paris, we met our photographer early in the morning near the Pont Alexandre III on the Invalides station side. Because it was relatively early, our photos were free of tourists. Although, you’d never be able to tell from looking at the photos, we had to occasionally dodge a sidewalk sweeper who would wheel by and blast the pavement with high-powered jets of water…so that was fun. But the pictures turned out absolutely lovely. I’ve always dreamed of having photos of my husband and I in Paris, and they turned out exactly as I would have hoped. Our photographer Olga was super sweet and hustled to get us amazing shots despite locals walking to work over the bridge or the determined sidewalk sweeper.

My Tips:

  • Plan your outfit to complement the location you’re in.  Think of the colors of where you’ll be shooting as well as the weather. Flytographer has an article that helped me choose what to wear. 
  • Schedule the shoot in the morning, you’ll get magical morning light, less crowds, and it won’t interfere with any sightseeing you might have planned for the day.
  • Exchange details with your Flytographer a couple of days before the shoot so they can contact you in case anything comes up and can find you when you meet up.
  • Don’t bring any bags/purses or anything with you. You’ll be walking around and will want natural shots without you toting your bag.
  • If you’re visiting multiple cities/countries on your trip, schedule your shoot in a place where you have a buffer of a day or two before and after the shoot. You don’t want to end up missing it due to bad weather or transportation snafoos.

Is it Worth it?

Pricing starts at $250 for a 30 minute shoot, which is what I did both times. I think it’s absolutely worth it. To me, rather than collecting random trinkets and souvenirs, I now have super personal snapshots that help us remember our trips. You get the shots within 5 days, super quick turnaround. Also, I’ve always struggled to get nice photos of my husband and I while traveling because we’re terrible at taking selfies, kind strangers who we ask are often not exactly Ansel Adams, and we don’t own a tripod. The photographer can often catch more natural/candid moments that we wouldn’t be able to on our own. Bottom line, if you like photos and want to try something new on your next trip, I would definitely go for it!

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