How to Incorporate Travel into your Home Decor

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Sometimes the travel theme can be overdone or cheesy, think large Eiffel towel statues or ombré watercolor posters that say, “adventure is out there” or some other iteration. For me, travel is all about the personal experiences and memories you make. So I try to incorporate the personal into my travel decorations at home, as well.



My friend recently introduced me to Mixtiles. You’ve probably seen them advertised on your FB feed. But they’re square print outs of your Instagram photos. I put mine in my kitchen and printed an assortment of food photos taken from places we’ve been. Whether it’s mango sticky rice we ate in Thailand or the colorful dishes that held our dinner at our tiny ryokan in Kyoto, it brings our personal travel memories into our home.

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Scratch Maps

These are fun, like lotto scratchers in the form of a map. This is an interacting and evolving visual way to remind you of the places you’ve been.


Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are a great way to have a collection of visual reminders of fun travel memories. Some things in my gallery wall are: my shodo I made when I lived in Kobe, postcards from my town in Japan, photos from our trip to Malaysia, stylized maps, and vintage travel posters.

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Collage Frame

Do you ever hold onto train tickets, currency or brochures from a trip and not know what to do with them? Slap them into a poster-sized frame.


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