A Weekend in Philly


The first time I went to Philadelphia, I didn’t have such a great impression. Maybe it was the 90% humidity or the way the roaches emerged at night and scuttled across the sidewalk. However, last weekend, we were in Philly again for a friend’s wedding and despite a little rain, we had a really fun time. Here’s a look at some of the things we did that were not looking at the Liberty Bell or running up the steps to the Museum of Art channeling Rocky.


FullSizeRender (14)

We had dinner at Kanella Grill where we shared a mixed kebab plate and got an additional grilled fish kebab. This place is cute and intimate with their blue and white checkered table cloths. Sharing was perfect, because we both got to try a variety of food without getting stuffed.

I convinced my husband to visit a few sweets places. We got two mini popsicles at Lil’ Pop Shop, which was right by Rittenhouse Square, sampled the cute pastries at A La Mousse in Chinatown, and got some hot Federal Donuts. We chose the peanut caramel apple and brown sugar cinnamon and weren’t disappointed.

For breakfast, we stumbled into this cafe that was just around the corner from our hotel called Frieda, a cute place to grab a quick bite. The inside of the cafe is decorated minimally with white pinwheels hung from the ceiling, an open kitchen, and fresh picked flowers on every table.


Walking through Center City at night was fun way to see the city, with all the buildings illuminated with rainbow lights.

IMG_3042 (1).JPG

I’d highly recommend a visit to Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens. This unique museum was created out of an abandoned lot by Isaiah Zagar, who created mosaics out of found objects like mirrors, bottles, and bricks. Creating murals was also a way for the artist to manage mental illness and became a community rallying point in 2002 when it was almost dismantled. PMG has a large open-air mosaic garden, where you can wind your way down mosaic stairs, look through windows made of bike wheels, and walk through narrow rainbow passageways.

Peek around any corner or alley in this area, and you’ll be sure to find one of the numerous murals and mosaics that make up a public art museum that stretches for blocks around South Street.

What are your favorite off the beaten path things to do or see in Philly?

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