Holy Matcha

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One thing I miss about Japan and Korea is the cafe culture. It’s not just about the drink but about creating the perfect space for people to gather and enjoy their coffee and cakes. One place in San Diego that has the ambiance as well as tasty food/drinks is Holy Matcha. My friend introduced me to Holy Matcha a couple months ago and I can’t get enough. I know this place isn’t for everyone, with its Millennial pink seats and palm frond wallpaper, but there’s just something about this place that makes me smile. I’ve sampled their strawberry mochi donuts, avocado toast with chili flakes, matcha latte, and matcha horchata and I can recommend them all. Often, if you order the donuts, they will sift a cute design out of matcha powder on the plate or even top it with flowers. If you’re in the North Park area and are looking for a snack in an Instagrammer’s paradise, pop into Holy Matcha.

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