A Peek into the Color Factory – SF

a peekinto the colorfactory

A couple weekends ago, I got the chance to visit the Color Factory in San Francisco. The Color Factory is a pop-up installation, created by a team of artists in a brightly striped building near Union Square. If you’re in the area or are planning a trip to the Bay, the Color Factory is a perfect way to spend a few hours of your day.

Tickets: Snag them quick here. Tickets were originally sold out, but it looks like dates were extended into September. Arrive a little earlier than your slotted time (they usually let you in about ten minutes early).

Because your entry is timed, you’re actually able to enjoy each room without too many people around. Sometimes, we had a whole room to ourselves.

After you descend the rainbow staircase, check in at the ipads, and make sure you get a photo card. There are self-timed little photo booth-like areas in most of the rooms, so you can get a few non-selfie snaps that are then sent to your email. They’re not the best quality photos you’ve ever seen (think photo booth photos) but they’re fun.

Each room of the installation is dedicated to a different color. From a black and white striped room complete with black charcoal infused lemonade shots to a room filled with cobalt blue balloons, take your time in each room and don’t forget to enjoy it! The colorful rooms are so photogenic that I feel like sometimes people are so busy snapping photos, they forget to enjoy the experience.

Scroll for a few photos…




My favorite rooms were the more interactive ones, like the room with the coloring book walls (surprisingly more difficult to color than you think). Get confetti all over your clothes! (My husband found a fistful of confetti in his pocket later on in the day). And then of course, cap off the day in the canary yellow ball pit.




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