Things I do for self-care

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While I’m a fan of YOLO, treat yo’self days, self-care doesn’t have to cost a lot. Here are some of my favorite, economically sustainable self-care stuff:

  1. Korean Sheet Masks: Great for your skin and for scaring your neighbors.
  2. Journaling: Get it all out there without judgement. Sometimes processing things through writing can help me see things with more clarity and gratitude.
  3. A Cup of Tea with Local Honey: My aunt got me hooked on local honey. Apparently it can also help reduce allergies.
  4. Playing with Someone Else’s Dog: Who else is a dog-less dog-lover?
  5. Planning my Next Vacation: I like to book my trips far in advance not just to save money, but because it gives me months to really get excited about my trip. Having a trip on the books gives me something to look forward to.

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