Things that stress me out about travel

new doc 2017-07-25 20.31.46_1.jpg

Contrary to what Instagram pictures of thatched roof bungalows perched over shimmering turquoise water would have us believe, travel, of course, is rarely always perfect. Here’s a few things that stress me out about travel:

  1. Prevalence of Bathrooms: Is there a bathroom? Is it clean? Is there going to be a bathroom at the next place we’re going to? Is that one gonna be clean? These are just some of the riveting questions batting around in my head as I also attempt to keep hydrated while walking around in 90% humidity.
  2. Staying Hydrated: Closely related to #1. I recently invested in a collapsable water bottle in an attempt to ensure I always have a reliable water supply that doesn’t take up my entire bag.
  3. Tipping Customs: Do people tip here? Is it rude to tip? How much should I tip? Why did the currency exchange woman give me all ginormous bills?
  4. Dressing for Multiple Activities: Transitioning from day to night but you don’t have time to go back to your hotel/hostel to change because that would be backtracking? Well, you better figure out how to make those hiking clothes look restaurant-ready…
  5. Closed Museums/Restaurants: Bonus boo points if you took multiple forms of transportation to get there, only to find that you’re out of luck and this is the last day you’re in that city.
  6. Dysentery: It’s like Russian Roulette…but with food-borne illness. More bonus boo points if it’s during a trans-Atlantic flight.
  7. Threat of Inclement Weather: *Me frantically refreshing my weather app. on my phone…

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