Portland: Where it always rains and no one carries an umbrella

A week or so ago, we took a weekend trip to Portland. With the unseasonably warm weather in Sacramento, it felt a little bit like chasing fall. I felt a special kind of excitement as I gathered up my scarves, pea coat, and my grey woolly socks.

Here were a few highlights from our trip:

  1. The rain! There is something so comforting about rain. It adds a layer of beauty to most experiences. Driving around with the rain pouring, the windshield wipers rhythmically ticking away, and the heater keeping us nice and toasty, it felt so peaceful. I noticed that no one seems to be bothered by the rain here. This is a far cry from my time in LA, where the governor declares a state of emergency every time it sprinkles. No one even carries an umbrella even though the rain was pretty intense at times. People seemed perfectly happy walking around in the rain with just a hood. I guess that’s what happens in a city where it rains most of the time.


2. Multnomah Falls. After stopping at Voo Doo Donuts and stuffing our faces with diabetes donuts, we drove about 30 minuets outside of the city to this fairy tale waterfall. As we approached, it almost felt like we were in Lord of the Rings. At the falls, you can choose your own adventure depending on your skill level. The walk to the waterfall is literally two seconds, with options for more strenuous walks up to the bridge and the top of the falls. A rain jacket comes in handy because the bridal vale like quality of the falls makes for a wet experience. Another random thing I noticed was that many of Portland’s landmarks have nice restrooms and gift shops, some offering hot beverages. I didn’t expect to be able to get a latte at a waterfall.

IMG_10353. Fall Foliage. My addiction to fall foliage must have started during my time in Japan. I love the fleeting and ever-changing beauty of fall leaves. Portland has so many trees, even in the heart of the city, that there are endless opportunities to appreciate the leaves.

IMG_11174. Powell’s Books. Three words, English majors dream. I wish I could have spent more time wandering the multiple rooms here.

5. Tasty n’ Sons. Ragu polenta with scrambled eggs on top. yes. Plus we also got really yummy pork sandwiches here. IMG_1036

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